Create Legal Documents


It is now possible to instantly create your own quality tailored legal documents 24/7 "without the intervention of a Lawyer".

We understand that sometimes you already know what you want and you need it anytime 0N:0W!

You might be thinking that this is a routine matter and getting a lawyer involved may slow you down and end up costing you more.

In an abundance of caution, we only recommend our Self-Service option when the underlying transaction, agreement or arrangement is a simple one and you have experience in such matters.

The online process provides step-by-step guidance along the way, and includes embedded lawyer-logic which adapts the content of the legal document based on your responses.

[Lawyer-Assisted / Full Service]

If you get stuck or the matter is more complex than you first thought, we are here to assist you if and when required.

Our Lawyer-Assisted service packages up the typical length of time a lawyer is required to assist you to complete the document.

For when the stakes are high, or the situation is complex, we recommend our Full Service option.

[FREE Legal Health Check + Documents]

In order to encourage exisiting + prospective clients:

1️⃣ To understand their personal + business legal risks & opportunities; and

2️⃣ Dive in and become familiar with our innovative [Self-Service] approach

we are offering the following [Self-Service] documents at no charge.

Legal Health Check;

Simple Will;

1-Page Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA);

Pack for appointment of directors/officers.

Ask us about our Optional Extras which include:

💡 Trax Print Fraud + Litigation Prevention Technology $22.

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