Deed of Co-Ownership of Property

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A Deed to formally document the agreement between the parties regarding Co-Ownership of the Property so as to provide:

1️⃣ Clarity of responsibilities for the ongoing management and proper care, maintenance + protection of the Property;

2️⃣ Financial + Reporting operations;

3️⃣ Occupation requirements;

4️⃣ Decision-making process;

5️⃣ Dispute Resolution process;

6️⃣ Buy-out mechanisms;

7️⃣ Sale of the Property; and

8️⃣ Warranties with respect to “No Undue Influence” + Independent Legal Advice has been obtained prior to execution.

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The self serve resources on the website that they offer also gave me a chance to do a bit of my own research and calm my nerves at 3am. The free legal health check was great! There`s a lot of things in my business that I didn`t realize needed attention. Saved me a bit of cash having to consult a commercial lawyer asking basic questions.

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Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness. I'm one of those nightmare clients that know enough about the law to get themselves into trouble. The restraint and patience that they showed throughout the process; taking the time to explain things I overlooked or didn't understand is one of the best parts of the experience.

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I had called a few people to help me with conveyancing and every single one were either impatient, humourless, or uninterested. Speaking with James on the phone felt like I was catching up with a mate and served to calm the nerves that came with my first property purchase. Look forward to working with them again!

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Jul 2021

James is very kind and helpful. He is also a very experienced and informative lawyer you can rely on.



May 2021

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value. "Best of the best service! James is so kind and really likes to help. Very professional and knowledgeable too!"

Yan Zheng


Jul 2020

An up and coming, innovative firm that does things differently. Blue Ocean takes an interdisciplinary approach to its personal + commercial law practice to ensure you’re getting what you + your company needs. It has a growing list of automated 24/7 legal documents with Embedded Lawyer-Logic™ …

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Jul 2020

Positive: Responsiveness. "Insightful and adaptive legal service. Exceptional communication and collaborative working style - highly recommended."

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Jun 2020

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value. "The service from James Ford at Blue Ocean Law Group has been excellent. Very reassuring."

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Professional knowledgeable. "The lawyer is really trying to understand the situation and give me the best advice for every possible way to protect my rights. The lawyer also gives advice on things I didn't request initially but definitely need in the future."

Amanda Xu


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What is a Free Legal Health Check? ✅

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🧩 Estate planning;

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In a more general context (outside of encrypted secure website traffic/data) it has also been said:

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How? Human error.
Easy pass-phrase, written down password, re-used password... etc. basically, always be on the lookout for the weakest link.
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Your upgrade to our [Lawyer-Assisted] Service includes …

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Why does Blue Ocean Law Group℠ use a *.law website domain?

What is a *.law web domain?

⚖️ *.law is a top-level-domain (TLD) that aims to:

Promote trust in the professional legal community by creating a:

✅ Verified;

✅ Exclusive; and

✅ Reserved online space in which only accredited lawyers and law firms can establish a comprehensive digital brand.

✅ Website users can have confidence they are dealing with an authorised and licensed lawyer/law firm.

✅ *.law offers effective branding to those in the legal community, with the ability to secure a domain name that clearly communicates who you are + the legal resources you provide.

All about *.law domain names

Source: - Why *.law?

What legal rights do I have if my neighbour/s are creating a Nuisance?


"The essence of the tort of nuisance is interference with the enjoyment of land".
- RP Balkin; JLR Davis. “Law of Torts 5th Edition.”

When the word nuisance is brought up in colloquial use, we think first of some form of bother or annoyance coming from somewhere. The nuisance is to me, to my person; my neighbour practicing the saxophone at midnight, or the smell coming from a nearby stable, are nuisances, as the noise / smell is offensive to me.

But the way the law sees it, at least with regards to private nuisance, for any action for the tort of nuisance to be actionable (meaning: to have legal grounds for suit), the plaintiff must have an interest in land, first and foremost. A nuisance (according to the law) occurs when an annoyance or bother interferes with my enjoyment of my land, not merely when I have been annoyed or bothered without any connection to land.

In practical terms, this means that you must either own land, or have leased land to be able to sue for nuisance.

When you are repeatedly woken up by bad jazz coming from your neighbour's apartment downstairs, you have an action in nuisance, not simply because you've been disrupted in your sleep, but because in doing so, your neighbour has interfered with your right to enjoy your land as you see fit.

Types of Nuisance

Nuisance can fall into one of two categories:

1️⃣ Nuisance by unreasonable physical injury to land; or

2️⃣ Nuisance by unreasonable substantial interference with the right to enjoyment of land.

Physical Injury to Land

The first of the two categories is perhaps easier to identify, as it involves physical damage. Balkin and Davis, the authors of a distinguished book on torts, gives the examples of a neighbour setting up vibrations which cause your building to collapse, or the fumes from a nearby factory damaging plants and vegetables being grown by a plaintiff. The damage is plain to see, as it is to property, and it is equally plain to see why physical damage to property amounts to an interference with your enjoyment of your land.

Substantial Interference

If you cast your mind back to the example of the saxophonist neighbour, for all your lost sleep, there is no damage to your property which you could show before a court. The damage, in this example, is to your ability to make use of your land, to your right to use your land for rest. Fortunately, the law does recognise this as a form a nuisance, though the interference with your rights must be substantial.

This means that trivial interferences will not constitute nuisance, though what is trivial is a matter for the courts to decide. In general, substantial interference as determined by the courts, seems to have a lower bar than what we might consider substantial in an everyday sense. As per Andreae v Selfridge & Co Ltd [1937] 3 All ER 255, lost sleep through excessive noise is substantial, as can be other activities such as a neighbour's use of their land as premises for prostitution, or the installation of floodlights, which ends up bleeding light onto an adjacent piece of land (again examples cited in Balkin and Davis, “Law of Torts 5th Edition”).


Any nuisance must also be unreasonable, a concept which has not been given a clear definition by the courts.

The reasons as to why reasonableness is relevant to liability in nuisance does, however, give some guidance: my neighbour also has the right to make use of his or her land, including for the practice of musical instruments. Unfortunately, acoustics pays little heed to human subdivisions of space, no matter human attempts to erect walls with sound-proofing. The interference with my right to enjoyment of my land has started from my neighbour's land; he or she has not stepped foot in my apartment (which would make things a lot easier, being an act of trespass).

Reasonableness looks to balance the nature and circumstances of my neighbour's activity which has given rise to the nuisance, against the nature and circumstances in which I have suffered interference.

As noted above, we do not have a clear definition for what makes a nuisance reasonable or unreasonable, and so we don't have a definitive list of considerations, though we can look to certain things courts took into account in previous cases.

For example, residents who have moved into industrial areas have diminished prospects of success for nuisance from industrial by-products given that courts will look to locality; unfortunately, industrial production often involves by-products, and in areas designated for such use, it is not unreasonable for run off to affect neighbouring land, unless there was something unreasonable about the production process in the first place.

Another such consideration is the hypersensitivity of plaintiffs. An action in nuisance is unlikely to succeed where the plaintiff has suffered interference on account of particular sensitivity requiring exceptional freedom from interference. If my neighbour has consistently awoken me, for I am in fact awoken by any sort of noise, my claim may well fail.

Note, however, that once unreasonable substantial interference has been made out, in the process of calculating damages, the particular hypersensitivity of a plaintiff will not diminish the quantum of any damages. The defendant must find the plaintiff as they were in this regard. The Privy Council in McKinnon Industries Ltd v Walker [1951] 3 DLR 577 noted that the particular vulnerability of orchids to industrial fumes became irrelevant once it was proved that the damage to the orchids were the consequence of a non-trivial interference with land.


This FAQ was written by Suk Jae Chung | Practical Legal Training (PLT) Placement, Blue Ocean Law Group℠.

Important Notice:

This FAQ is intended for general interest + information only.

It is not legal advice, nor should it be relied upon or used as such.

We recommend you always consult a lawyer for legal advice specifically tailored to your needs & circumstances.