Personal Legal Risk Navigation Package

✅ Free Personal Legal Documents (save $$$ thousands) Australia-wide 24/7 [Lawyer-Assisted];

Included Categories:

Debt Collection, Defamation Law, Employment Law, Estate Grant of Probate, Estate Planning, Family Law, Insolvency Law, Litigation + Dispute Resolution, Loans Security + Guarantees, Privacy Law, Tax Law, Trust Setup + Administration.

✅ What will be your Digital Legacy? Unlimited ongoing access to our military-grade Digital Safe Custody Vault to upload, store, manage + automatically distribute to your Executor/Trustee/Confidants instructions regarding accessing your Digital Assets, together with your wishes such as creating a "Museum of Me" in the event you pass way [$55 Setup fee for Members + avoid Lifetime Access Fee of $700];

✅ Free TITAN LAWYER GPT-4 AI powered Contract Review plus more ... subject to our Reasonable Use Policy [Click this link for a Free No Obligation Demo];

✅ Free VOI - Verification of Identity Service;

✅ Bundled Equifax Identity & Credit Protection Subscription (valued $14.95 per month) + Privacy & CyberSecurity Best Practice Advice.