Blue Ocean Law Firm is now a Reality ➲ A Decade On …


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Blue Ocean Law Firm is now a Reality ➲ A Decade On …

A blog post for 3 Geeks and a Law Blog written in August 2011 (just over a decade ago) by Ryan McClead was called "The Blue Ocean Law Firm". In 2017, it perfectly described the kind of law firm I wanted to create …

James D. Ford Esq.

Founder & [iC]℠ a.k.a Outside General Counsel

One of Harvard's Top 10 Must-Read Strategy Books ➲ Blue Ocean Strategy®

Like Ryan McClead in 2011, I was given a copy of Blue Ocean Strategy to read.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and immediately saw blue ocean opportunities within the legal profession.

Coincidentally I read the book whilst at sea in early 2017, only a few months prior to establishing my new law firm, Blue Ocean Law Group.

I initially considered naming my Law Firm ➲ Ford Law

When it came time to consider the name of my law firm a quick search for "Ford Law" generated a number of law firms already using the name in Australia.

I knew that I wanted to differentiate my law firm to stand out in the sea of law firms who use use their Principal Solicitor's last name or a combination of the founding partners last names as the law firm name.

The name "Blue Ocean Law Group" was available in Australia

When I searched for Blue Ocean Law, instead of finding competing law firms in Australia^ I discovered a number of articles about how NewLaw Firms were using Blue Ocean Strategy within the legal profession.

The articles I discovered, included Ryan's blog post "The Blue Ocean Law Firm" which perfectly described the kind of law firm I wanted to create.

Extracts from "The Blue Ocean Law Firm" Blog Post

"But what if we imagined a Blue Ocean Law Firm.
One that ditched the conventional wisdom, and set out on a new path building the law firm from scratch …
We’ll cut the long list of Partner names in the firm name and go with a simple catchy name like Blue Ocean Legal.
In short, let’s get rid of everything that makes people hate attorneys and start providing services which are simply defined, easy to understand, and affordable.
That’s the firm I would go to if I needed to create a Will, set up a Trust, or create a Contract.
That’s the firm I would seek out to advise my small business.
That’s the firm and the attorneys that I would want to build a long-term relationship with …"

^ There is also an inspirational law firm based in Guam founded by Principal/Attorney Julian Aguon to advocate for the myriad peoples of the Pacific region called Blue Ocean Law.

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Credits: This blog article was written by James D. Ford GAICD | Principal Solicitor, Blue Ocean Law Group℠.

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