What lies ahead for the future of the Legal Profession?

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To answer this question I refer you to my article Charting the future of the Legal Profession: A Blue Ocean Perspective which was published in the Legal Business World Magazine Xmas 2018 Edition.

LBW Article Cover page

Since that time [circa 4 years ago] I posted the following update on LinkedIn:

Today I am reflecting on the past 12+ months since my article was published in the International Xmas 2018 edition of LegalBusinessWorld.

Q: How much has the Australian legal profession actually changed?

A: The report published by Alpha Creates on the State of legal innovation in the Australian market [2019] is a great benchmark summary.

The focus continues to be on structural + business model change (M&A, geographic expansion, increased NewLaw entrants incl. Legal Tech startups + NewLaw skunkworks spun off by BigLaw to complete in this space, Big4 increasing their presence).

Q: How successful is the idea of publishing the article as a hybrid mix of text + online content [Smart Lists]?

A: Whilst the article itself remains "as published", the Smart Lists linked to it have been + continue to be updated as new relevant + interesting content is created/discovered.

Our Master Smart List has now [as at October 2021] exceeded 48,000 views (well over quadruple the number at the time the article was published).

[Update as at 21 Oct 2021: > 48,000]

These are organic views with no $$ spent on promotion.


This FAQ was written by James D. Ford GAICD | Principal Solicitor, Blue Ocean Law Group℠.