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Extracted from the LinkedIn article by Tertius Wait dated 28 June 2024 called "Say Goodbye to Passwords: Google's New Passkeys Are Here".


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Digital Law Firm with Blue Ocean Strategy® DNA.

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"An up and coming, innovative Australian law firm that does things differently. Blue Ocean takes an interdisciplinary approach to its personal + commercial law practice to ensure you're getting what you + your company needs …"

—BLUE OCEAN LAW GROUP ➲ BEST LAW FIRMS IN SYDNEY [2020 - 2022] Source: FirmChecker Article 3 March, 2022.
is different by design.

Our Origin Story.

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Blue Ocean Strategy® forms part of our DNA.

⭐️ We are in the process of 'Charting New Markets' in New Zealand & California.

⚖️ We use Titan Lawyer [Private AI] which includes [65+] Pre-optimised Prompts and has been used to review contracts with [7.5 Million+ Words]. Titan currently supports: Australia, New Zealand, the United States & the United Kingdom; and

⚖️ [AI That Litigates With You.™] "Hands down the best AI legal drafting on the market in the U.S."

How many
law firms stand out in the "Sea of Sameness" as being genuinely different? & capable of providing you with:  

1️⃣  A [700+] page website (also available as a ProgressiveWeb App to install on your devices) designed to empower you to begin solving your personal & business legal needs, 24/7 across all States and Territories of Australia.

⭐️ Instantly Generate [350+] high-quality Legal Documents using Embedded Lawyer-Logic™ (from your phone if necessary).

2️⃣ Multiple channels of communication, whilst being demonstrably serious about your legal matter outcomes and your Privacy & CyberSecurity.

3️⃣ Proactively take steps to protect your privacy being Certified in CyberSecurity [CC] + Certified Information Privacy Professional ➲ United States [CIPP/US] and having recognition as thought leaders in the field.

4️⃣ Offer a Secure Client Portal on web, iOS/Android.

5️⃣ An option to securely store your important Estate Planning Legal Documents & other Digital Assets in your own private Digital Asset Vault.

6️⃣ Tons of Freebies [585+]? including's proprietary:➲ Legal Wizards [17+];

Legal Quizzes [16+];

Authentic8 / Geniun ➲ Creative Work & Image [Copyright Protection] + Legal Document [Fraud Prevention] & Verification; as well as

⭐️ Submit [65+] Pre-optimised Prompts to Titan Lawyer [Private AI].

7️⃣ Offer Value-Focused Pricing:

➲ Pay-as-you-go Fixed Fee; or  

➲ Bundled Member Subscription Pricing (think 'Netflix for Law!') for Personal +/or Business.

8️⃣ Have [90+] Client Testimonials you can filter by role, legal category, membeship type and/or legal jurisdiction.

We don't have a marketing budget!

Instead, we redirect the funds that would normally be spent on marketing towards creating a remarkable user experience, whilst protecting your privacy & maintaining state-of-the-art cybersecurity.

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We offer [220+] FAQ, [74+] Blog Articles which can be filtered by topic or legal jurisdiction or surfed randomly, [18+] Legal Wizards, [16+] Legal Quizzes & more including ...

An expanding library of next generation Legal Documents using Embedded Lawyer-Logic™ covering:

[350+] Australia

[42+] California

[40+] New Zealand

[38+] International

[10+] U.S. Federal Law

About Titan Lawyer [Private AI]:

➲ Currently supports: Australia, New Zealand, the United States & the United Kingdom;

➲ Free [1-time] Demo; and

⭐️ Exclusive to our Clients + Subscribers: Submit multiple Free^ Requests per day for input to Titan Lawyer [Private AI] on their behalf.

^ Subject to our Reasonable Use Policy with optional Expedited Turnaround Times.^

In the U.S., we can assist with:

Titan Lawyer [Private AI]; [AI That Litigates With You.™];

➲ All aspects of Californian Law;

U.S. Immigration Law where we have built a proprietary Free U.S. Non-Immigrant Visa Application Legal Wizard [Global] & a Free U.S. Non-Immigrant Visa Waiver Wizard [Global];

Copyright Law where we have developed an automated Free DRAFT DMCA Takedown Notice for Online Copyright Infringement;

➲ As well as other U.S. Federal Law-based legal matters.

Our founder is a licensed California Attorney. He has been vetted to be listed on both UpCounsel (which offers [180+] Free U.S. Legal Document templates) & Contracts Counsel

If we are unable to assist you directly, we collaborate with hand-picked U.S. Attorneys, as well as recommending:

SixFifty (A subsidiary of Wilson Sonsini) which offers [180+] Self-Service Business, Employment, Privacy & Pro Bono U.S. Legal Documents.

⭐️ Save $100 (we earn a $100 referral fee) when you use our UpCounsel referral link.

In New Zealand, we can assist with:

Titan Lawyer [Private AI];

➲ All aspects of New Zealand Law;

➲ Our go to market strategy includes associating with hand-picked local litigation lawyers and law firms early in any dispute that appears likely to proceed to litigation in the NZ Courts.

Embark on your legal journey with us!

What we do

Legal services

In Blue Ocean mode we deliver:

[Self-Service] Legal with support from our Legal Wizards & legal team + collaboration with external law firms when required.

In Red Ocean mode we deliver:

Traditional Legal + Compliance Services collaborating with hand-picked external compliance experts, solicitors + barristers as required; and

Corporate Governance (incl. Blue Ocean Strategy ®).

Business and legal technology

We have curated a range of Blue Ocean Strategy® enabling Business + Legal Technology Solutions [BOLTS]℠ + entered into strategic alliances to deliver Value Innovation to our clients.

We have carefully selected a range of Red Ocean focused solutions + entered into strategic alliances to enhance our collaboration and delivery of traditional legal, compliance + corporate governance services.

Blue ocean strategy®

Every business as part of its corporate governance needs to properly consider strategy. All too often the focus on short-term business objectives dominate the corporate agenda.

If strategy is considered at all, it typically follows the traditional "Red Ocean" route of developing improved products +/or services for existing customers.

As markets mature this approach translates into a bloody fight with direct competitors in a shrinking marketplace -> hence the term "Red" Ocean".






per month (incl. GST)
min. 6 month commitment.


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per month (incl. GST)
min. 6 month commitment.


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innovative Counsel also known as [iC]℠ is a #NewLaw term we have coined to capture the spirit & mindset of the new breed of Lawyer + Advisory Team our Clients will increasingly need:

➲ Multi-disciplinary, Proactive & Value-Focused.

James D. Ford Esq.

James D. Ford Esq.

Founder & [iC]℠ a.k.a Outside General Counsel

  • Legal Services (Australia, New Zealand + California)

  • Business + Legal Technology Solutions [BOLTS]℠

  • Blue Ocean Strategy® Services [BOSS]℠


Giuseppe Cassin

Giuseppe Cassin

Consulting Principal

  • Legal Services (Australia & New Zealand)

  • Entertainment Law + Commercial Law

  • Multi Lingual | English (Fluent) | Portuguese (Fluent) | Italian (Fluent) | Spanish (Fluent)

Andrew Nelson

Andrew Nelson

M.D. of Blue Ocean Strategy Australia®

  • Growth

  • Innovation

  • Continuous improvement

Ursula Dauenhauer

Ursula Dauenhauer


  • Customer-centric growth

  • Innovation

Michael Yacoub

Michael Yacoub


  • Business development

  • Strategic marketing

  • Leadership building

  • Turn-key business operations

James D. Ford Esq.

Founder & [iC]℠ a.k.a Outside General Counsel

  • Legal Services (Australia, New Zealand + California)

  • Business + Legal Technology Solutions [BOLTS]℠

  • Blue Ocean Strategy® Services [BOSS]℠


Giuseppe Cassin

Consulting Principal

  • Legal Services (Australia & New Zealand)

  • Entertainment Law + Commercial Law

  • Multi Lingual | English (Fluent) | Portuguese (Fluent) | Italian (Fluent) | Spanish (Fluent)

What Our Clients Have To Say ...

An illegal website is trying to use our name [a US-hosted duplicate of the entire business eCommerce Website] to gain advantages and scam customers. All the major search engines ignore it. James has initiated a DMCA takedown and will resolve the issue within one week. [Details Added for Clarity]. He understands how things work and knows the reason behind the issue.

Alex Ch. | DMCA Takedown Notice ➲ U.S. Online Copyright Infringment




Jan 2024

Great service by james, very quick and minimal charges, glad to find Blue Ocean Law Group online. Definitely recommend to anyone and everyone for online law services. Thanks JAMES.

Mohar Singh


Oct 2023

After having received outrageous quotes from other firms, and wasting my money paying what I wasn't meant to pay, I finally found Blue Ocean Law Group online. Real people, solved my problem with empathy, communication, honesty and above all, professionality. A special thanks to James Ford. I will definitely keep this law firm in mind for any further issues, and highly recommend them if you want problems solved!! Thank you.

Wally Trotta




Oct 2023

James is very helpful and patient with explaining the details. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Ribbon Hime


Oct 2023 has awesome legal docs + legal wizards/services on its website! Especially its FREE U.S. Non-Immigrant Visa Application Legal Wizard [Global] which is right on point for my current business needs.

Aadeel Khan | U.S. Based SaaS Entrepreneur


Sep 2023

Meeting with James was a pleasure, I experienced something truly exceptional, and I can't help but share my enthusiasm through this review. The service I received was impeccable. James was not only highly professional but also genuinely friendly, making me feel like a valued client throughout that moment.

Ashraf Said | Justice of the Peace ➲ Accountant in Ingleburn (NSW) [1 of 3]


Aug 2023's website is an incredible treasure trove of information! The depth and clarity of the content provided are truly impressive. It's evident that a lot of effort and expertise has gone into curating such a valuable resource. Thank you for creating a platform that’s engaging and very informative. Highly recommended.

Ashraf Said | Justice of the Peace ➲ Accountant in Ingleburn (NSW) [2 of 3]


Aug 2023

They were very knowledgeable and provided me with valuable information. Attention to detail was not limited, yet without sacrificing substance for style. In conclusion, our meeting provided an unforgettable experience, and the knowledge that I received was something truly remarkable. Highly recommended.

Ashraf Said | Justice of the Peace ➲ Accountant in Ingleburn (NSW) [3 of 3]


Aug 2023

This thought-provoking article underscores the often overlooked yet profoundly important aspect of estate planning – the ethical will or legacy letter – adding depth and significance to the process of passing down not just assets, but personal values and wisdom.

Penny McCreery | Lember & Williams | Lawyers In Caboolture #2


Aug 2023

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