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Who we are

Blue Ocean Law Group provide general practice law + corporate governance (incl. Blue Ocean Strategy® consulting) in Australia & New Zealand from our 3 co-working locations in the Sydney C.B.D. + additional co-working spaces in Brisbane & Melbourne.

When necessary we collaborate with hand-picked external solicitors/barristers.

We look and feel different on purpose.

Imagine a completely redesigned #newlaw firm where the lawyers do more than law + clients have become raving fans.

Our friendly "Ahoy" greeting + our playful interactive website are just the beginning.

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More than a law firm+

Strategy + Risk are 2 sides of the same coin.

Blue Ocean Law Group™ bring lawyers + business consultants together to help proactively guide your business in both traditional + emerging markets.

Develop your Blue Ocean Strategy® mindset

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What is Blue Ocean Strategy® ?

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Hint: click the main switch to enter Red Ocean mode also known as
"business as usual" + keep a lookout for the roaming shark!

What we do

Legal services

In Blue Ocean mode we deliver:

-> Blue Ocean Strategy® Services [BOSS] for training + enablement;

-> Self-Service Legal with support from our lawyers when required; and

-> Business + Legal Technology Solutions [BOLTS]—

to help our clients chart new markets making their competition irrelevant.

Blue Ocean Opportunities in the Legal Profession

When Blue Ocean Strategy® is applied to the legal profession a large untapped market [an estimated 85% of Australians fail to contact a lawyer when experiencing a legal issue*] can be quickly identified.

These potential clients (called non-clients in Blue Ocean Strategy®) have many reasons for not engaging with the legal profession.

The approach we have taken in order to attempt to capture this Blue Ocean market for legal services involves the roll-out of smart user-friendly quizzes + legal tools designed to reduce the need for clients to consult with a lawyer unless complexity or risk profile dictate the need.

We have packaged our legal services to provide comprehensive solutions for everyday legal needs + made them available via an affordable subscription model.

*Source: Lawyers Weekly Article - Unmet legal need a ‘business opportunity’ by Felicity Nelson|10 September 2015

Self-Service Legal Documents

Ask about our growing list of self-service legal documents for Australia, U.S.A. + U.K. Purchase an individual legal document or subscribe to access our growing library of legal precedents. Manage your risk by taking a short-quiz to help determine whether you need a lawyer to assist.


For non-litigous matters, where you only need specific deliverables: we can agree on the pricing up front.

Subscribe for Legal + Compliance Services

We have packaged traditional legal services (select PRICING from the menu or scroll down for details) to cater to all client categories from Individuals, Sole-Traders / Directors / Shareholders/ General Counsel to Board of Directors / Chairman for local + foreign companies carrying on business in Australia or New Zealand.

Dispute resolution + litigation

Whether it is a dispute with your neighbour, business partner/s, professional advisor/s, or bank we can help you articulate your desired outcome and get you the best chance at settling your dispute. We hand-pick the best barristers so that your legal team is well positioned to argue the merits of your case through to trial, retrial, and appeal/s (if any).

Business and legal technology

We have carefully selected a range of Blue Ocean Strategy® enabling business + legal technology solutions and entered into strategic alliances in order to enhance our ability to chart new markets. Where appropriate we share these solutions with our clients.

Here are a few examples:


A self-service, user-friendly, multi-lingual, comprehensive + transparent, globally compliant Privacy Policy (incl. GDPR) + Cookie Consent solution [ask us about the Terms + Conditions beta] for your website or app; we can supplement with legal + compliance reviews of your business operations, Privacy Statements; Acceptable-Use Policy, etc.


A user-friendly way to set up, access & discuss your business performance on the go that doesn't need your IT department's continual support to run effectively.


Blue Ocean Strategy® Australia is a certified Gold-Partner in assisting clients implement IdeaScale to capture, share, assess & harness ideas.


Powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) TITAN assists our clients quickly understand the quality of their existing legal documents. This includes a comparison to a growing database of precedents to help identify gaps + areas for improvement.

Business Propel

A free business health check to help pinpoint areas or risk and opportunities for improvement. Step up to Business Propel Professional for improved results.

Compliance Hub

Designed to augment the need for a dedicated compliance officer.

Blue ocean strategy®

Every business as part of its corporate governance needs to properly consider strategy. All too often the focus on short-term business objectives dominate the corporate agenda.

If strategy is considered at all, it typically follows the traditional "Red Ocean" route of developing improved products +/or services for existing customers.

As markets mature this approach translates into a bloody fight with direct competitors in a shrinking marketplace -> hence the term "Red" Ocean".

Blue Ocean Strategy®

Blue Ocean Strategy® is the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation + low cost to open up unchartered market space [where no direct competitors exist] created by the newly generated demand.





per month (incl. GST)
min. 6 month commitment.

  • Initial legal consultations for as many different matters as you need
    (subject to Fair-Use Policy)

  • Self-Service Personal Legal Docs with unlimited updates:

    -> Simple Will

    -> Enduring PoA (Power of Attorney)

    -> Living Will/Advance Health Directive

    *We will send you a short quiz to help you determine whether or not your intended Will is indeed a Simple-Will.

    Complex Wills require you to engage a lawyer to assist.

  • Identity Protection + CyberSecurity Best Practice Advice

  • VOI - Verification of Identity


Contact us

  • ‍Includes all benefits listed in the INDIVIDUAL + BUSINESS Packages

  • Blue Ocean Strategy® Consulting (provided in collaboration with Blue Ocean Strategy® Australia) [BOSS]

  • Business + Legal Technology Services

  • Assistance with Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)

  • Corporate Governance Renewal

  • Intellectual Property Protection Strategies

  • Legal Research + Advice to support Risk Management & Compliance when Charting New Markets

  • Special requests


Innovative Counsel a.k.a. [iC]™ is a #NewLaw term we have coined to define what we believe our clients will increasingly need:

A new breed of #Lawyer + #Advisory Team
-> multi-disciplinary, proactive & #ValueFocused.

James D. Ford GAICD

Founder, M.D. & General Practice Lawyer

  • Legal services

  • Business + Legal Technology Service [BOLTS]

  • Blue Ocean Strategy® Services [BOSS]

Andrew Nelson

M.D. of Blue Ocean Strategy Australia®

  • Growth

  • Innovation

  • Continuous improvement

Ursula Dauenhauer


  • Customer-centric growth

  • Innovation

Michael Yacoub


  • Business development

  • Strategic marketing

  • Leadership building

  • Turn-key business operations

James D. Ford GAICD

Founder, M.D. & General Practice Lawyer

  • Legal services

  • Business + Legal Technology Service [BOLTS]

  • Blue Ocean Strategy® Services [BOSS]

Why work with us?

I highly recommend James if you require legal advice, especially when time is of the essence. I needed help with a complex matter relating to property purchase, and within an hour of contacting James, I was able to meet him and discuss the issues and have him explain my options with clear references to the applicable law. James continued to work on the matter afterwards and explain my situation and options by the end of the same day. I had not met a lawyer before who was as fast and ready to help as James. It was a great experience to work with him.

Zoltan Toth




Oct 2019

James is an experienced lawyer who I had the pleasure of working with previously. I highly recommend James.

Connor James


Oct 2019

James and the team at Blue Ocean have advised us on a number of matters relating to retail leasing and commercial property purchase over the past 12 months. We’ve found his advice extremely valuable throughout, and he has helped us avoid what could have been significant/expensive issues in the future by providing his input and expertise. He’s always quick to respond to any questions or queries and overall the fees are very reasonable. We will continue to use Blue Ocean in the future and can highly recommend to others.

Jade Lillo-Trynes




Sep 2019

Blue Ocean Law Group went the extra mile to deliver by collaborating with a local New Zealand law firm to deliver the Questrade (Canada) VOI – Verification of Identity I needed.

Sam Martin


Sep 2019

James has been a pleasure to deal with and helped me resolve a very complex legal matter with a positive outcome. I would not hesitate to engage his services again.

Rebecca Fink


Apr 2019

Very professional, timely, diligent and efficient with outstanding customer service. Worked with James and the team on a matter that required empathy and he went out of his way to overdeliver. Thanks James.

Stacey Christie


Mar 2019

Great patience, very good advice, a rare combination.

David Cameron


Feb 2019

James is Wonderful! He was Professional, Efficient and Kind. Highly recommend him.

Joanne Thompson


Feb 2019

James was very professional and very accommodating. So easy to make an appointment through LawTap. Highly recommended!

C He


Feb 2019

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