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Our 'Elevator Pitch' ...

➲ Why we offer Free Legal Health Checks!

"Before a client needs to deal with any major life event or disputes (the inevitable vicissitudes of both business & personal life) ideally they need to consult a lawyer to ensure they get their legal affairs in order.
The evidence suggests that even though most clients know it is important, more than 70% typically deliberately avoid engaging a lawyer.
Instead they either do nothing hoping for the best or do their best to try to patch together a subpar solution themselves.
If personal & business legal affairs are allowed to persist in disarray, this is a surefire recipe for the possibility of a devastatingly expensive, long and emotionally draining legal battle.
Because once problems arise it is often too late to take proactive measures.
So, Blue Ocean Law Group have built a secure online solution that helps clients obtain initial guidance without the need to speak to a lawyer, using our Free Legal Health Checks [Australia] for both personal and business matters, together with our market-leading [700+] page website providing prospective Clients with [Self-Service] Legal Documents, Legal Wizards, Quizzes, FAQ & innovative solutions 24/7 from anywhere on any device.
Our Legal Team provide support as and when it is needed."
⭐️ We are in the process of 'Charting New Markets' in New Zealand & California.

Source: Blue Ocean Opportunities in the Australian Legal Profession

This Elevator Pitch was developed using a template suggested in a Linked In post by Ash Maurya.


This FAQ was created by James D. Ford Esq., GAICD CIPP/US CC | Principal Solicitor, Blue Ocean Law Group℠.

State of California Bar Number: 346590