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Titan Lawyer [AI] is ready to Skyrocket your Productivity!

Titan Lawyer [AI] is a rare next-generation legal tool that can deliver real results amongst the current buzz and hype around generational Artificial Intelligence.

In our opinion Titan Lawyer [AI] already represents the next wave of AI as it addresses many of the problems that have been identified and publicised about the current generation of AI tools, that is, they do not have carefully curated inputs (Garbage In = Garbage Out or GIGO) and it appears that they currently do not respect user privacy at all.

Yule Guttenbeil has used Titan Lawyer [AI] in his legal practice and has recently written an article for Lawyers Weekly dated 18 May 2023 called AI in practice: Experiencing the benefits and dangers.

On using Titan Lawyer [AI] he says:

"Titan Lawyer [AI] allows documents of unlimited length to be reviewed by GPT4 and provides different types of feedback on it. (GPT–4 usually has a limitation of approximately 5,000 words – not very useful for most legal document reviews).
I was blown away by what it could do. It was very accurate at identifying missing clauses and making recommendations on areas that can be improved."

Titan Lawyer [AI] has been developed from the ground up by Australian Computer Scientist + Lawyer Connor James ensuring only lawyer-curated legal sources are used so that it can deliver high-quality and useful output whilst protecting your privacy.

What can Titan Lawyer [AI] currently do?

Titan Lawyer's capabilities are constantly being expanded and improved upon.

In recent demonstrations made to leading Global Law Firms, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Titan Lawyer [AI] performs both legal & business tasks well ahead of the current field of generative AI Legaltech providers.

Titan Lawyer [AI] is currently capable of assisting you to:

1️⃣ Complete 65+ pre-configured Legal & Business Role-Specific Tasks in a quick and user-friendly manner by selecting your role and the relevant task (refer below for a list of the current roles and associated tasks) and providing a relevant URL, Pasting or typing relevant text, or uploading a relevant Word, PDF or PowerPoint file; or alternatively

2️⃣ For power users, Titan Lawyer [AI] offers the ability to upload up to 75,000 words in a Word, PDF or Powerpoint file and experiment using your own Direct Text Query (in other words you can assume the role of a Prompt Engineer and write your own prompts instead of having Titan Lawyer [AI] write them for you).

This option is powered by Titan Lawyer [AI]'s early access to Anthropic's 100k Claude 1.3 model.

In a recent LinkedIn Post Connor James stated:

"Anthropic have also built something truly remarkable.
Feeding or generating approximately 75,000 words with a single prompt as opposed to GPT-4's approximate 7,000 words, opens up new potential use cases and does away with the need for vector embedding.
Example use cases: feed in an entire short book and ask for alternative endings, analyse financial statements, summarise 150 page documents.
Our experimentation indicates that a 100k model such as Claude 1.3 outperforms GPT-4 combined with strong vector search capabilities.
Best of all, while GPT-4 is 'smart', Claude 1.3 has style, its writing is a joy to read.
The take home message: If you were impressed by Chat GPT, you ain't seen nothing yet."

Australian Law Focus

As Titan Lawyer [AI] was designed and developed by Australian Lawyers the results currently produced have an Australian Law focus.

In the future, other legal tasks as well as additional legal jurisdictions are planned to be added.

Language Output Options

The output from Titan Lawyer [AI] can be generated in the following languages other than English:

➲ French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Maltese, Thai.

Titan Lawyer [AI] Respects your Privacy

Titan Lawyer [AI] does not save any information submitted (prompts or outputs) directly via Titan Lawyer [AI] and documents submitted are not used to train the AI system. However, please be careful not to post any sensitive, commercial in confidence, proprietary, private or personal information.

Alas, Lawyers are still safe for now!

As good as Titan Lawyer [AI] is you still need to be careful and seek legal advice before relying upon the results.

Subscribe for Direct FREE Access to Titan Lawyer [AI]

Direct access to Titan Lawyer [AI] (where you privately^ input your requests online and obtain output from Titan Lawyer [AI] in real time) will initially only be available to Blue Ocean Law Group Subscribers. We expect to be able to start delivering direct access later this week.

^Privately means only you know what you have submitted ➲ Titan Lawyer [AI] only retains an audit trail for Reasonable Use Policy administration.

This Legal Wizard will request your SUBSCRIBER CODE and after making the required acknowledgements you will be provided (as soon as it becomes available) with the direct URL link for FREE access to Titan Lawyer [AI] subject to our Reasonable Use Policy (as the cost of running submissions to AI can add up quickly).

⭐️ You can find out more about our great value subscription packages via SUBSCRIBE in our website menu.

Submit your 1 FREE Demo Request to Titan Lawyer [AI]

If you are curious and simply want to try out Titan Lawyer [AI], please submit your one FREE demo request using this Legal Wizard.

Blue Ocean Law Group will enter your request into Titan Lawyer [AI] on your behalf; and email you the results.

Our Privacy Policy will apply to your submission as you will be providing your personal information and legal documents via Blue Ocean Law Group.

⚖️ No legal advice will be provided unless and until you subsequently proceed to instruct Blue Ocean Law Group in your legal matter and sign our engagement letter.

If your Legal Task involves other parties, we recommend that you proceed to Clear Conflicts before submitting any information +/or documents to Blue Ocean Law Group. Alternatively and subsequently, after you subscribe, you can provide the information +/or documents directly to Titan Lawyer [AI].

1️⃣ Titan Lawyer [AI] makes AI easy and user-friendly by:

➲ Allowing you to select your relevant Role and Legal Task from a pre-configured menu of options; then

➲ Translating your request into effective and efficient AI prompting to generate the best possible results!

What Roles + Tasks are Pre-Configured?

⚖️ Lawyer

➲ Contract Review;

➲ Stress Test;

➲ Identify Points for Negotiation;

➲ Review Legal Advice (looking for quality improvements);

➲ Summarise Legal Cases; and

➲ Determine logic from a section in legislation.

♻️ Regulatory Specialist

➲ Summarise Regulatory Update

➲ Review Regulatory Advice

➲ Generate Regulatory Advice

➲ Review Article

➲ Review Policy or Procedure

➲ Review Authorisation Application

➲ Draft Policy

➲ Draft Process

➲ Stress Test Proposed Regulatory Change

➲ Stress Test Proposed Regulatory Change (Environmental)

👨‍💻 Project Specialist

➲ Generate Project Plan

➲ Generate Project Timeline

➲ Generate Proposal

⭐️ HR Specialist

➲ Review Resume

➲ Generate Job Advertisement

➲ Generate Position Description

➲ Generate Offer of Employment

➲ Generate Employment Contract

➲ Generate Interview Questions

➲ Develop an Employee Engagement Plan

➲ Develop Key Performance Indicators

➲ Generate a Termination Letter

➲ Generate E-learning Content

🌊 Generalist

➲ Meeting Summary

➲ Write a Press Release

➲ Create a Marketing Plan

➲ Draft Social Media Content

➲ Write a Grant Proposal

➲ Write White Paper

➲ Prepare Elevator Pitch

➲ Develop Financial Projections

➲ Create Sales Script

➲ Review Grant Application

➲ Write Case Study

➲ Create Company Presentation

➲ Develop Growth Strategy

➲ Review Business Plan

➲ Review Scientific Paper

➲ Develop Competitive Analysis

➲ Create Pricing Strategy

➲ Create a Customer Journey Map

➲ Develop Risk Management Plan

➲ Create Meeting Agenda

➲ Write Op-Ed

➲ Write Speech

➲ Write Speech from PPT

➲ Review Business Proposal

➲ Analyse Customer Feedback

➲ Prepare PowerPoint Presentation

➲ Develop Content Strategy

➲ Create Advertising Copy

➲ Write Proposal for Partnership

➲ Develop Corporate Social Responsibility Plan

➲ Write FAQ Section

➲ Critical Analysis of Proposal

🎓 Student*

➲ Generate Study Questions and Answers

➲ Review Essay or Assignment

➲ Generate Study Notes

2️⃣ How Does Direct Text Query Work?

Direct Text Query allows you to upload a file (maximum 65,000 words) and Ask a Question/Provide Your Prompt related to your uploaded file.

For Example: You could use Text Query to De-Identify Parties to a Contract or to Draft a Response to a Letter.

Disclaimer [Not Legal Advice]


Titan Lawyer [AI] is not designed to pick up on all relevant matters, to be comprehensive, or to be complete.
Note that sometimes the answers produced will include hallucinations.
Check answers and do not rely on them without professional advice and independent review of source documents.
Regulatory obligations and legal requirements are often interrelated and while the output may consider specific obligations there may be others that are not considered.


Consider the possibility of the scope of your business operations changing over time.
Where your business expands its operations ensure that you obtain appropriate advice, including where you expand into other jurisdictions.
Consider compliance obligations in terms of risk.
When we identify or discuss obligations, consider if you need to develop controls to reduce the risk of non-compliance.

Terms of Use

Your use of Titan Lawyer [AI] is subject to you not seeking to copy, reproduce, dissemble, reverse engineer, or infiltrate Titan.
We own all intellectual property rights in and to Titan Lawyer [AI] including any improvements or changes we make based on your feedback or suggestions.
To the maximum extent permitted by law, our (including that of our directors and officers) liability to you is capped at the amount of any fee you have paid to us and in no event will either party be liable to the other for any consequential loss such as loss of profits, business, or goodwill.

Notes and Limitations on Use

We recommend running documents through Titan Lawyer [AI] more than once as it is based on AI there will be different outputs over time.

*Student Edition: There is a cap of 150,000 words per month (consisting of both input and output).

Intellectual Property Rights Notice

This Titan Lawyer [AI] ➲ Legal Wizard has been designed and developed with care 👨‍💻 by James D. Ford Esq., GAICD CIPP/US | ⚖️ Principal Solicitor of Blue Ocean Law Group.

© 2023. Blue Ocean Law Group℠.

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What clients say

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James has been great to work with. I called him on a Monday and by Tuesday he had a formal [19-Page] Concerns Notice sent to a person defaming me and my business. He stayed in touch throughout the day, kept me updated regularly and was diligent to ensure we were exercising all of my rights under the law. Thanks, James!

Crystal Polson | Defamation & Injurious Falsehood [Vic]




May 2023

James was great, going above and beyond to help me with my enquiry. He provided detailed explanations with references to the appropriate regulations and case examples.

Siyuan W. | Landlord (NSW)


May 2023

We needed a really good lawyer and after doing our research we decided to contact Blue Ocean Law Group. James runs a very efficient service and has extensive knowledge of Defamation Law. Nothing was a problem. James would follow up with me regarding issues that had arisen. He dealt with each issue in a professional and ethical manner. James would explain every detail on the phone and the process could not have been easier!

Lake Macquarie Coastal Glass | Defamation Concerns Notice (NSW) [1 of 2]


Google Review not showing (Assume another AI error has occurred!)


Mar 2023

Blue Ocean Law Group's website has plenty of information in easy, layman's language that explains how Defamation Law works in Australia and from there, it was really easy to book an appointment online. James is a thoroughly professional Lawyer and it was a pleasure dealing with him. Keep up the good work, James! Cheers! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Lake Macquarie Coastal Glass | Defamation Concerns Notice (NSW) [2 of 2]


Mar 2023

(Translated by Google) Lawyer James Ford was the best. He assisted me all the way through a dispute with a tenant who tried his best to extort money from the landlord due to a conflict with another tenant. James is reliable in his profession amongst lawyers in this field ... James patiently guided me, a landlord whose English is my second language, throughout the whole process ... It was because of his command that my case was turned from a disadvantage to an advantage. His charges are also very reasonable. So if you are a landlord I would highly recommend 'James Ford' to you.

Carol Ma | NCAT Landlord Tenant Dispute (NSW)


Feb 2023

Very helpful and thorough advice. James was able to explain the options available to us in detail, and the implications involved. He was knowledgeable and very professional. Would definitely go to him again.

Haim Zagroon


Jan 2023

James was very patient and understood my legal issues. He gave me the most detailed answer he could and extended the time as he wanted to give me the answers I needed. He was very knowledgeable in his area and was able to offer me insightful advice. Would highly recommend.



Dec 2022

Our case was unique. My client was based in Thailand and we needed a lawyer in Australia. After searching several firms in NSW we found Blue Ocean Law Group. James was very helpful. He explained the matter in detail via emails and on several occasions over the phone to us in Thailand. The resources on the firm's website were also very helpful in providing additional information for us. I would highly recommend James and will use him again if we need a lawyer in Australia.

Samram Laepong


Dec 2022

Great Service and very professional!

Zhang Rose | NSW Real Estate Agent + Landlord


Nov 2022