Legal Services

In Blue Ocean mode we deliver:

[Self-Service] Legal with support from our legal team + collaboration with external law firms when required.

Self-Service Legal Documents

Peruse our growing list of [Self-Service] Australian legal documents. Purchase an individual legal document as needed or subscribe for 50%+ member discounts.


For non-litigous matters, where you only need specific deliverables: we can agree on the pricing up front.

Business and legal technology

We have curated a range of Blue Ocean Strategy® enabling Business + Legal Technology Solutions [BOLTS]℠ + entered into strategic alliances to deliver Value Innovation to our clients.

Here are a few examples:


A self-service, user-friendly, multi-lingual, comprehensive + transparent, globally compliant Privacy Policy (incl. GDPR) + Cookie Consent solution [ask us about the Terms + Conditions beta] for your website or app; we can supplement with legal + compliance reviews of your business operations.


A user-friendly way to set up, access & discuss your business performance on the go that doesn't need your IT department's continual support to run effectively.

Ideascale / edison365

Blue Ocean Strategy Australia® is a certified Gold-Partner in assisting clients implement IdeaScale to capture, share, assess & harness ideas +/or can offer edison365 for clients who already use Office365.

Blue Ocean Strategy

Every business as part of its corporate governance needs to properly consider strategy. All too often the focus on short-term business objectives dominate the corporate agenda.

If strategy is considered at all, it typically follows the traditional "Red Ocean" route of developing improved products +/or services for existing customers.

As markets mature this approach translates into a bloody fight with direct competitors in a shrinking marketplace -> hence the term "Red" Ocean".

Blue Ocean Strategy®

Blue Ocean Strategy® is the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation + low cost to open up unchartered market space [where no direct competitors exist] created by the newly generated demand.

Legal Services

In Red Ocean mode we deliver:

➲ Traditional Legal + Compliance Services collaborating with hand-picked external compliance experts, solicitors + barristers as required; and

Corporate Governance Support.

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We have packaged traditional legal services (select PRICING from the menu or scroll down for details) to cater to all client categories from Individuals, Sole-Traders / Directors / Shareholders/ General Counsel to Board of Directors / Chairman for local + foreign companies carrying on business in Australia or New Zealand.

Dispute Resolution + Litigation

Whether it is a dispute with your neighbour, business partner/s, professional advisor/s, bank or your legal rights have been infringed we can help you articulate your desired outcome and get you the best chance at settling your dispute. We hand-pick the best barristers so that your legal team is well positioned to argue the merits of your case through to trial, retrial, and appeal/s (if any).

Business and legal technology

We have carefully selected a range of Red Ocean focused solutions + entered into strategic alliances to enhance our collaboration and delivery of traditional legal, compliance + corporate governance services.

Here are a few examples:


Powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) TITAN assists our clients quickly understand the quality of their existing legal documents. This includes a comparison to a growing database of precedents to help identify gaps + areas for improvement.

Globalization Partners

Blue Ocean Law Group has partnered with Globalization Partners to provide a global employment platform to our clients. Globalization Partners makes it fast and easy for companies to hire anyone, anywhere, within minutes, without setting up subsidiaries. They provide an AI-driven, automated, fully compliant global employment platform powered by our in-house worldwide HR experts across 187 countries. This is ideal for clients who need to hire employees without first establishing a local branch office in a new market.

Compliance Hub

Designed to augment the need for a dedicated compliance officer.

self service/lawyer assisted?

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