What is the Reasonable Use Policy for Titan Lawyer [AI]?

why is a reasonable use policy required for titan lawyer [ai]?

The ability to have us submit your requests to Titan Lawyer [AI] on your behalf is currently free for Blue Ocean Law Group's Clients + Subscribers.

Each time a request is sent to Titan Lawyer [AI] charges are incurred.

The charges are reasonable but they can add up quickly when an unreasonable number of requests are submitted.

⭐️ Therefore, in order to facilitate continued free access to Titan Lawyer [AI] for all our Clients + Subscribers we need to make such use subject to the below Titan Lawyer [AI] Reasonable Use Policy.

⚖️ If you exceed your Reasonable Usage Rights you may be requested to:

1️⃣ Immediately upgrade your Subscription Level; or

2️⃣ Enter into a Contract where you agree to pay for your increased level of usage in bulk.

titan lawyer [ai] reasonable use policy

The following levels of usage constitute Reasonable Use for the purposes of this Titan Lawyer [AI] Reasonable Use Policy:

👨‍💻 Buccaneer/Individual Subscriptions ➲ 1-3 Submissions per Day;

⛵️ Yachtsman/Business Subscriptions ➲ 1-10 Submissions per Day; and

Clients & ⩴ Captain/Chairman Subscriptions ➲ Pre-Agreed Usage Level.

clear cases of excessive use

If you use Titan Lawyer [AI] excessively in a manner that overloads our servers and your usage is a clear case of breach of the above Reasonable Use Policy we may suspend or cancel your ability to have us Submit your Requests to Titan Lawyer [AI] on your behalf at any time where reasonable.