Blue Ocean Strategy®

What is Blue Ocean Strategy®?

6 Red Ocean Traps ➲ Mental Models that Undermine Market-Creating Strategies

Who are our 3 tiers of Non-Clients? Why does Blue Ocean Law Group focus on them?

“Our law firm’s products + services are specifically designed for the large (85%) untapped Blue Ocean market represented by the 3-tiers of existing Non-Clients of the legal industry who:
1️⃣  Only use lawyers out of necessity and are constantly looking for a better alternative so they can jump ship;
2️⃣  Consciously do not seek legal advice or support + believe lawyers are to be or can be avoided, or they simply cannot afford them; or
3️⃣  Have not previously been recognised by the legal industry as potential clients.

For example:

Blue Ocean Law Group℠ offer Corporate Governance incl. Blue Ocean Strategy® services in additional to our innovative legal services to ➲ proactive clients.

The legal profession has traditionally been a reactive “clean-up the mess”, problem-solving industry which has not sought to add-value outside of narrow band of legal services.

3 tiers of Non-Clients:

The 3 tiers of Non-Clients is a strategy tool used within Blue Ocean Strategy® to help identify Blue Ocean markets.

In a nutshell, the basic idea is to take the time to observe + understand:

🧩 Who are not your clients?

🧩 Why they are not your clients?

Then focus on designing and delivering value innovation which is compelling to your Non-Clients.

This provides the potential for true innovation within your exisiting “business as usual” Red Ocean as well as the opportunity to open up unchartered Blue Ocean markets where you have no competition.

If you take the same old traditional approach of attempting to create innovation by focusing exclusively on your existing clients:

➲ You may find it more difficult to differentiate from your competitors and obtain the insights you need to open up new market space.

Further Reading:

"Blue Ocean Strategy Basics ➲ Non-customers: Blue Ocean non-customers aren't just new customers; they're a new type of customer.” by Michael Olenick posted in his Blog “Blue Ocean Thinking”.

The concluding paragraph of the article is extracted below [emphasis added]:

“The idea of non-customers is one of the most misunderstood components of blue ocean strategy. I’ve all too often seen it approached as a marketing strategy to loop in more customers or to poach customers from a competitor, which isn’t the idea at all.
Rather, the point of non-customers is to redefine the rules of the game, to change the boundaries of an industry in blue ocean terms and to make competition irrelevant.”


This above description of our Non-Clients was developed using Blue Ocean Strategy® by our founder ➲ James D. Ford GAICD | Principal Solicitor, Blue Ocean Law Group℠.

Blue Ocean Strategy® is developed & owned by W. Chan Kim + Renée Mauborgne Professors of Strategy at INSEAD, one of the world's top business schools, and co-directors of the INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute in Fontainebleau, France.

For 10 years straight, Kim + Mauborgne have been ranked in the top 5 management gurus in the world by Thinkers50.

Blue Ocean Opportunities in the Legal Profession

*An estimated 85% of Australians fail to contact a lawyer when experiencing a legal issue

When Blue Ocean Strategy® is applied to the legal profession a large untapped market* can be quickly identified.

*An estimated 85% of Australians fail to contact a lawyer when experiencing a legal issue.

Blue Ocean Law Group℠ have packaged our legal services to provide simple [Self-Service] online 24/7 solutions for everyday personal + business legal needs + made them available via an affordable subscription model.

A Key Concept within Blue Ocean Strategy ® is Differentiation: Think "Blue Cow"!

Blue Cow!

"Every day, clients are faced with a lot of boring stuff - a lot of brown cows - but you can bet they won't forget a Purple Cow!

Our goal is to be truly remarkable in everything we do."

When your business brand + the way it is positioned stands out boldly, it attracts attention…

Blue Ocean Strategy® describes this as a key enabling concept using the term "Differentiation".

What is a Purple Cow?

One way to Differentiate your business so that it can capture and hold the attention of new Blue Ocean markets is to follow the lead of Seth Godin who coined the term "Purple Cow" when he wrote the book "Purple Cow: Transform your Business by Being Remarkable".

Publisher's Summary (Penguin)

"You're either a Purple Cow or you're not.
You're either remarkable or invisible.
Make your choice.
What do Apple, Starbucks, Dyson and Pret a Manger have in common?
How do they achieve spectacular growth, leaving behind former tried-and-true brands to gasp their last?
The old checklist of Ps used by marketers - pricing, promotion, publicity - aren't working anymore.
The golden age of advertising is over.
It's time to add a new P - the Purple Cow.
Purple Cow describes something phenomenal, something counterintuitive and exciting and flat-out unbelievable.
In his new best seller, Seth Godin urges you to put a Purple Cow into everything you build, and everything you do, to create something truly noticeable.
It's a manifesto for anyone who wants to help create products and services that are worth marketing in the first place."

©2020 Seth Godin (P)2020 Penguin Audio (copied for illustrative purposes using Fair Use principles).


This FAQ was written by James D. Ford GAICD | Principal Solicitor, Blue Ocean Law Group℠.