Supercharge your Law Firm ➲ How use Lawyer-Designed [Private AI] that delivers on the hype!


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Supercharge your Law Firm ➲ How use Lawyer-Designed [Private AI] that delivers on the hype!

This blog article introduces the best available Lawyer-Designed [Private AI] platforms has hand-picked to supercharge our productivity across a wide range of legal areas in Australia, New Zealand & California (incl. U.S. Federal Law), with bonus coverage of the UK.

James D. Ford Esq.

Founder & [iC]℠ a.k.a Outside General Counsel


How use Lawyer-Designed [Private AI] to deliver tangible results whilst protecting your privacy!*

Artificial Intelligence ➲ Smart List

⚖️ What is Titan Lawyer [Private AI]?

⚖️ What is AI That Litigates Cases With You.™

⭐ What is Raycast AI?

1️⃣ AI Commands

2️⃣ AI Generating Code

How use Lawyer-Designed [Private AI]
to deliver tangible results whilst protecting your privacy!*

A work in progress ...

We encourage you to watch this space as we intend to update this blog article over time to share more of our experience integrating AI into our legal practice.

We are only in the very early stages of using AI, but we have already seen real world results and now cannot imagine working without it.

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Where our Legal AI providers offer promotional discount & affiliate codes we will share these with you in this blog article.

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Artificial Intelligence ➲ Smart List

By way of introduction, here is a link to our Artificial Intelligence ➲ Smart List and its associated RSS Feed.

⚖️ What is Titan Lawyer [Private AI]?

Supported Legal Jurisdictions [Australia, New Zealand, the U.S. & the U.K.]

Titan Lawyer [AI] was designed and developed by Australian Lawyer & Computer Scientist, Connor James.

Therefore the default results have an Australian Law focus.

Other supported legal jurisdictions now include New Zealand, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Titan Lawyer [Private AI] is ready to skyrocket your productivity!

Titan Lawyer [AI] is a rare next-generation legal tool that can deliver real results amongst the current buzz and hype around generational Artificial Intelligence [AI].

In our opinion:

'Titan Lawyer [AI] already represents the next wave of generative AI as it addresses many of the problems that have been identified and publicised about the current generation of AI tools, that is they:
❌ Do NOT have carefully curated quality legal data inputs (Garbage In = Garbage Out ➲ GIGO);
❌ Currently do NOT respect user privacy;
❌ Require you to first learn how to write effective prompts;
❌ Processing times can be slow.'

Yule Guttenbeil has used Titan Lawyer [AI] in his legal practice and has recently written an article for Lawyers Weekly dated 18 May 2023 called AI in practice: Experiencing the benefits and dangers.

On using Titan Lawyer [Private AI] Yule says:

'Titan Lawyer [AI] allows documents of unlimited length to be reviewed by GPT4 and provides different types of feedback on it. (GPT–4 usually has a limitation of approximately 5,000 words – not very useful for most legal document reviews).
I was blown away by what it could do. It was very accurate at identifying missing clauses and making recommendations on areas that can be improved.'

Titan Lawyer [AI] has been developed from the ground up by Australian Computer Scientist + Lawyer Connor James ensuring only lawyer-curated legal sources are used so that it can deliver high-quality and useful output whilst protecting your privacy in accordance with the Principles of Responsible AI.

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⚖️ What is AI That Litigates Cases With You.™

"Hands down the best AI legal drafting on the market in the U.S." drafts legal documents (including any kind of contract from scratch) that are accurate, comprehensive, and safe to use.  
You retain complete control over drafting, including the ability to edit, supplement, add or remove any part of an document. saves you hours of time, improves drafting efficiency over 1,000%, and allows you to do more work in less time. is an aba startup week finalist at aba techweek

Supported Legal Jurisdiction [U.S.] was designed and developed by Top-Rated U.S. Litigation Attorney Troy Doucet.

Co-founder Troy Doucet is ranked among SuperLawyers®, Martindale Hubbell (AV Preeminent®), BestLawyers®, and has been recognized an America’s 100 High Stakes Litigator (2019).
Mr. Doucet owns a law firm that has handled over 2,200 matters, resolving claims worth over $500 million. is built on his knowledge and expertise that values accuracy, strength, and results you would expect from an Am Law 100 firm.

What Sets Apart?

" is unlike any other legal AI platform on the market.  
We provide depth of AI unmatched by other companies, with results that are produced in minutes versus hours.  
We don’t compete with Lexis® or Westlaw® because our focus is on drafting litigation documents like Answers and Discovery, not on writing legal research briefs.  
Our model is trained to be usable, practical, and relevant to attorneys who are in practice litigating cases every day."

You can use to do any of the following: Features
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Raycast AI

As we already have access to Titan Lawyer [Private AI] we were not expecting the direct access to Chat GPT-4 Turbo that Raycast provides would have anything new to offer.

How wrong can one be?

1️⃣ AI Commands

Whilst Grammarly AI probably has the "always on the in background" writing support territory already covered, its scope is limited to being a helpful editor.

It also represents a privacy concern.

A better approach for lawyers is to be able to be selective regarding exactly what text is submitted for AI improvement.

This is the approach that Raycast takes.

My Original Writing

It isn't so much the power of the AI for use on substantive legal tasks (like reviewing a Contract or summarising a court judgment) that Titan Lawyer [Private AI] has been specifically designed to do.

Titan Lawyer [Private AI] does this kind of work (the heavy lifting) in spades.
But what it doesn't have is lightning fast productivity hacks like the following AI commands that are built-in to Raycast.
AI commands can be triggered using a hotkey or activated by a short text code.
What is supercool is that you don't need to open a specific app, there are no captchas, and you don't need to login to anything.
The AI commands are always available (even as I type out this blog article) and always just a few hotkeys away from being activated.
For example, the "Improve Writing" command, or the "Change Tone to Professional" command, the list goes on!

The Solution ➲ A Titan Lawyer [Private AI] Raycast Add-on

What I would very much like to see is an integration between Titan Lawyer [Private AI] and Raycast, so that I can take full advantage of Titan without the need to login, etc.

I know that on the Raycast side, it is simply a matter of changing the LLM that it accesses in the chat setting.

Currently, the LLM model used by Raycast can be upgraded to Chat GPT-4 (if you sign up for the add-on by agreeing to pay an additional $10 per month).

Therefore, the commercial reality would most likely necessitate that I would need to upgrade to activate any Titan Lawyer add-on.

Replacement Versions Suggested by Raycast AI

So If I take what I have typed directly above (in this AI Commands section) as an example, and apply the Raycast "Improve Writing" command.

I could have replaced my original text with the new version AI gives me to consider using, but instead I will paste it below by way of demonstration.

A mistake was made in that AI text stated that Titan Lawyer [Private AI] is [not] primarily designed ...

If you delete the word "not" the paragraph instantly makes a lot more sense.

I am not quite sure which version I prefer, however it is good to have a choice.

I have also pasted the output from the AI command "Change to Professional Tone" below as another demonstration.

Improve Writing

Titan Lawyer [Private AI] is [not] primarily designed for substantive legal tasks like contract review or court judgment summarization. It excels at this heavy lifting work. Unlike Raycast, it lacks lightning-fast productivity hacks like AI commands. These commands can be triggered by hotkeys or short text codes, eliminating the need to open specific apps, deal with captchas, or log in. They are readily accessible and just a few hotkeys away, such as "Improve Writing" or "Change Tone to Professional."

Change to Professional Tone

It sounds like Titan Lawyer [Private AI] is designed for substantive legal tasks while lacking productivity hacks like those in Raycast AI, which offers commands like "Improve Writing" and "Change Tone to Professional" for instant use without needing to open specific apps or log in.

This video is a great showcase from what I am talking about.

2️⃣ AI Generating Code

My more advanced use of Raycast to directly access Chat GPT-3.5 Turbo had it writing Python/Java/Html code for me, again with all the advantages of being instantly available without the need to login, etc.

For the whole story, please read my recent blog article:

Fun with Python ➲ Randomly Delivering our [68+] Lawyer Logic blog Articles

Social Sharing Image: Compact Raycast window on my desktop [background sourced from Wallpaper Wizard].

Credits: This blog article was written by James D. Ford Esq., GAICD CIPP/US CC | Attorney-at-Law, Blue Ocean Law Group℠.

State of California Bar Number: 346590

Important Notice:

This blog article is intended for general interest + information only.

It is not legal advice, nor should it be relied upon or used as such.

We recommend you always consult a lawyer for legal advice specifically tailored to your needs & circumstances.