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Why we are building this Experimental Legal [AI] Prompt Generator

We are in the process of building this Experimental Legal [AI] Prompt Generator to help Blue Ocean Law Group as well as our Clients + Subscribers maximise Titan Lawyer [AI]'s new ability to allow power users to upload up to 75,000 words in a Word, PDF or Powerpoint file and experiment using your own customisable Direct Text Query (in other words you can assume the role of a Prompt Engineer and write your own prompts instead of having Titan Lawyer [AI] write them for you).

This new ability to specify Direct Text Queries or Prompts (in the same manner as mainstream AI tools) is powered by Titan Lawyer [AI]'s early access to Anthropic's 100k Claude 1.3 model.

In a recent LinkedIn Post, the creator of Titan Lawyer [AI] Connor James stated:

"Anthropic have also built something truly remarkable.
Feeding or generating approximately 75,000 words with a single prompt as opposed to GPT-4's approximate 7,000 words, opens up new potential use cases and does away with the need for vector embedding.
Example use cases: feed in an entire short book and ask for alternative endings, analyse financial statements, summarise 150 page documents.
Our experimentation indicates that a 100k model such as Claude 1.3 outperforms GPT-4 combined with strong vector search capabilities.
Best of all, while GPT-4 is 'smart', Claude 1.3 has style, its writing is a joy to read.
The take home message: If you were impressed by Chat GPT, you ain't seen nothing yet."

How is this Legal [AI] Prompt Generator intended to work?

This Legal [AI] Prompt Generator is intended to be designed and improved using an iterative approach to incorporate your feedback as well as best practices gleaned from fellow lawyers and AI experts +/or Prompt Engineers sharing their knowledge within LinkedIn and more specifically from the Legal Generative AI LinkedIn Group we have recently joined.

🏗 Work In Progress

Please check back regularly and contact us with any specific requests or ideas that will assist to generate better Legal [AI] Prompts.

We are currently in the initial early design phase so there is not much to see yet and we need all the help we can get!

Proposed Prompt Parameters

1️⃣ Role

⚖️ Lawyer
♻️ Regulatory Specialist
👨‍💻 Project Specialist
⭐️ HR Specialist
🌊 Generalist
🎓 Student
🧩 Other?

➲ Copywriter

➲ Entrepreneur

➲ Prompt Engineer

➲ Accountant

➲ Marketer

➲ Journalist

➲ Inventor

➲ Mindset Coach

➲ Best Selling Author

2️⃣ Start with the Document to be Uploaded ...

What kind of document is to be uploaded to run your generated prompt against?

➲ Contract;

➲ Legal Correspondence;

➲ Statement of Claim commencing Legal Proceedings;

➲ Audio recording of a meeting or phone call;

➲ Etc.

3️⃣ What is your Objective?

You could use your generated prompt to achieve many potential objectives including the following examples:

➲ De-Identify Parties to a Contract;

➲ Draft a Response to a Letter;

➲ Create a Chronology of Events/Timeline;

➲ Etc.

4️⃣ Output Type

➲ Summary/Outline/Bullet Points;

➲ Points for Negotiation;

➲ Review;

➲ Advice;

➲ Essay;

➲ Script/Dialogue;

➲ Presentation;

➲ Blog Post/Article;

➲ Ad Copy;

➲ Analysis;

➲ White Paper;

➲ Book Outline;

➲ Email Sequence;

➲ Social Media Post;

➲ Etc.

5️⃣ Tone & % Weighting

➲ Formal;

➲ Casual;

➲ Persuasive;

➲ Objective;

➲ Etc.

⭐️ Output Format

➲ Alist;

➲ Word Doc, PDF, PPT;

➲ XML;

➲ Html;

➲ Code;

➲ Graphs;

➲ A Table;

➲ Rich Text;

➲ Summary;

➲ Markdown;

➲ Word Cloud;

➲ Spreadsheet;

➲ Gannt Chart;

➲ Plain Text File.

6️⃣ Context

➲ Background Information, Data or Content.

7️⃣ Scope

➲ What is in Scope?

➲ What is Out of Scope?

8️⃣ Keywords, Phrases or Buzzwords

➲ To Use.

➲ To Avoid.

9️⃣ Limitations

➲ Constraints such as a Word or Character or Token count limit.

🔟 Examples

➲ Provide an example of the desired Style, Structure or Content.

⏸️ Deadline

➲ Limitation Periods;

➲ Court Filing Deadlines;

➲ Urgent Response Required;

➲ Etc.

⭐️ Audience

➲ Target Clients/Users;

➲ Client Advice;

➲ Counsel or Opposing Counsel;

➲ Court;

➲ Etc.


➲ Specify Industry.

Legal Jurisdiction

➲ Specify Legal Jurisidiction.


➲ Request Inclusion of Citations or Sources.

Points of View

➲ Request Multiple Perspectives.


➲ Request Counterarguments and Potential Replies.


➲ Use Plain English or Legalese;

➲ Use Technical or Industry Terms;

➲ Specific Terms to Use or Avoid;

➲ Etc.


➲ Request use of Analogies, Case Studies or Examples to Clarify Concepts.


➲ Request Inclusion of relevant Quotes or Statements from Experts.


➲ Encourage the Usage of Statistics or Data to Support Claims.

Visual Elements

➲ Request Inclusion of Charts, Graphs or Images.

Call to Action/Next Steps

➲ Request a Clear Call to Action/Next Steps.


➲ Nominate Sensitive Topics or Issues to be Handled with Care or Avoided.

URL's / Hyperlinks

➲ Request Inclusion of URL's/Hyperlinks where Relevant.

Language Output Options

The output from most [AI] can be generated in the following languages other than English:

➲ French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Maltese, Thai.

About ⩴ Captain Cicero

⩴ Captain Cicero is Blue Ocean Law Group's mascot in all things legal tech attempting to put a human touch on what are essentially mini-chatbots, legal wizards, etc.

About Titan Lawyer [AI]

Titan Lawyer [AI] has been developed from the ground up by Australian Computer Scientist + Lawyer Connor James ensuring only lawyer-curated legal sources are used so that it can deliver high-quality and useful output whilst protecting your privacy.

Intellectual Property Rights Notice

This Titan Lawyer [AI] ➲ Legal Wizard has been designed and developed with care 👨‍💻 by James D. Ford Esq., GAICD CIPP/US | ⚖️ Principal Solicitor of Blue Ocean Law Group.

© 2023. Blue Ocean Law Group℠.

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An illegal website is trying to use our name [a US-hosted duplicate of the entire business eCommerce Website] to gain advantages and scam customers. All the major search engines ignore it. James has initiated a DMCA takedown and will resolve the issue within one week. [Details Added for Clarity]. He understands how things work and knows the reason behind the issue.

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Jan 2024

Great service by james, very quick and minimal charges, glad to find Blue Ocean Law Group online. Definitely recommend to anyone and everyone for online law services. Thanks JAMES.

Mohar Singh


Oct 2023

After having received outrageous quotes from other firms, and wasting my money paying what I wasn't meant to pay, I finally found Blue Ocean Law Group online. Real people, solved my problem with empathy, communication, honesty and above all, professionality. A special thanks to James Ford. I will definitely keep this law firm in mind for any further issues, and highly recommend them if you want problems solved!! Thank you.

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Oct 2023

James is very helpful and patient with explaining the details. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Ribbon Hime


Oct 2023

blueocean.law has awesome legal docs + legal wizards/services on its website! Especially its FREE U.S. Non-Immigrant Visa Application Legal Wizard [Global] which is right on point for my current business needs.

Aadeel Khan | U.S. Based SaaS Entrepreneur


Sep 2023

Meeting with James was a pleasure, I experienced something truly exceptional, and I can't help but share my enthusiasm through this review. The service I received was impeccable. James was not only highly professional but also genuinely friendly, making me feel like a valued client throughout that moment.

Ashraf Said | Justice of the Peace ➲ Accountant in Ingleburn (NSW) [1 of 3]


Aug 2023

blueocean.law's website is an incredible treasure trove of information! The depth and clarity of the content provided are truly impressive. It's evident that a lot of effort and expertise has gone into curating such a valuable resource. Thank you for creating a platform that’s engaging and very informative. Highly recommended.

Ashraf Said | Justice of the Peace ➲ Accountant in Ingleburn (NSW) [2 of 3]


Aug 2023

They were very knowledgeable and provided me with valuable information. Attention to detail was not limited, yet without sacrificing substance for style. In conclusion, our meeting provided an unforgettable experience, and the knowledge that I received was something truly remarkable. Highly recommended.

Ashraf Said | Justice of the Peace ➲ Accountant in Ingleburn (NSW) [3 of 3]


Aug 2023

This thought-provoking article underscores the often overlooked yet profoundly important aspect of estate planning – the ethical will or legacy letter – adding depth and significance to the process of passing down not just assets, but personal values and wisdom.

Penny McCreery | Lember & Williams | Lawyers In Caboolture #2


Aug 2023

General FAQ

How do I make an Affidavit in NSW?

How do I make an Affidavit in NSW?

You (the deponent) make an Affidavit by swearing or affirming that the Affidavit’s contents are true before a witness who must be one of the following:

• A Justice of the peace (“JP”)
• A Solicitor
• A Barrister
• A Commissioner for affidavits
• A Notary public.

Mandatory Requirements


• Sign in the presence of the witness
• Sgn the foot of each page (excluding annexures)
• Initial any alterations, additions or erasures.

You or the witness MUST:

• Write or type the date in the title at the top of the front page of the Affidavit and in the introductory paragraph of the Affidavit
• Delete the word ‘Affirmed’, if you have taken an oath OR delete the word ‘Sworn’, if you have made an affirmation.

Following this, the witness MUST sign:

• underneath the words ‘Sworn (or Affirmed) at [place]’
• at the foot of each page of the Affidavit (although there is no need for the witness or deponent to sign the first page if it is only the title page of the Affidavit, containing none of the substance)
• the certificate endorsed on any annexure
• the certificate attached to any exhibit.

The witness must initial any alterations, additions or erasures (see UCPR 35.5).

The Affidavit MUST include:

• the witnesses’ name and address
• the JP’s registration number, if relevant.

If the witness is a JP, the JP may provide his or her registration number as a JP in place of the JP’s address.

JPs must write their registration number on any document they sign or witness as a JP in accordance with the “Guidelines for Justices of the Peace” developed in accordance with requirements under the Justices of the Peace Act 2002 (NSW) and the Justices of the Peace Regulation 2014 (NSW) and outlined in the Justices of the Peace Handbook.

If the witness is a notary public, the notary public must apply his or her seal.

Where an Affidavit or witness statement is being taken and the deponent or the witness requires an interpreter, the interpreter must give a certification in the form contained within the forms.

Annexures to an Affidavit

See UCPR 35.6 for more information.

If you are annexing documents to an Affidavit, you must include a certificate on the annexure that contains the following information.

The certificate must not be on a separate page from the annexure.

The pages of the Affidavit and the annexures must be consecutively numbered in a single series of numbers.