Step-Up Your IP / Privacy Protection ➲ GPS Protected PDF Documents


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Step-Up Your IP / Privacy Protection ➲ GPS Protected PDF Documents

Consider the potential damage if your personal data/trade secrets are stolen? Geofencing or GPS Protection of your PDF documents can help mitigate the risk!

James D. Ford Esq.

Founder & [iC]℠ a.k.a Outside General Counsel

What is Geofencing/GPS Protection?

A Geofence/GPS Protection is a virtual digital perimeter for a real-world geographic area.

A Geofence/GPS Protection can be dynamically generated (as in a radius around a point location such as a 5m radius around your office) or match a predefined set of boundaries (so as to enclose your home/business premises).

How can Geofencing/GPS Protection be used to protect your Valuable IP?

When you instruct Blue Ocean Law Group to add Trax Print Fraud + Litigation Protection to your Intellectual Property / PDF Document, you can also instruct us to specify Geofencing/GPS Restrictions.

The entire PDF Document can be locked or in future the display of sensitive redacted information will be able to be restricted outside of your pre-defined Geofenced area/s.

Treat your Trade Secrets like the recipe for Coca-Cola

What if the secret ingredients of Coca-Cola were redacted and only visible on a Trax Print Protected Document within the confines of a specified area within the factory where the person who has the task of adding these ingredients works?

If this Trax Print GPS Protected Document was intercepted or viewed by a person other then the intended recipient in the specified GPS location then the secrets would still be safe.

GPS Protection privedes an even safer result than could be achieved using encryption alone.

If an encryption key is hacked the PDF Document could be unlocked in any location.

Geofencing/GPS Protection Protects both the hard-copy printed + PDF documents

It doesn't matter whether the Trax Print GPS Protected Document is the hard-copy printed or a PDF document.

Both physical redacted + digital versions can be protected by Geofencing.

Flexibility built-in

The Geofenced/GPS Protected area can be unlocked anywhere by the Trax Print Protected PDF Document owner if they scan the PDF Document with their own unique Trax Print app (which only works on 1 device at a time).

The owner of the Trax Print Protected Document can also add or remove multiple Geofenced areas at anytime.

This provides valuable flexibility to adapt the GPS Protection on the fly, as the circumstances change.

How can Geofencing/GPS Protection be used to protect your Personal/Medical data, Cryptocurrency, Sensitive Legal Documents and more … ?

Geofencing/GPS Protection is not limited to your valuable IP.

It can also be used to restrict access to your personal / medical data / cryptocurrency keys, or anything else you want to protect by limiting the location where the PDF Document can be viewed.

Geofencing/GPS Protection creates a dilemma for the Authorities + Courts similar to that created by Encryption

Imagine if major document leaks such as Wikileaks, the Panama Papers, the Paradise Papers, the Pandora Papers etc. had been protected using Geofencing/GPS Protection, Military-Grade Encryption or a hybrid combination of both technologies.

This would have meant that without the owner's unique encryption key or dynamically granted permission in a specified location, the documents could not have been downloaded and viewed outside of the Geofenced/GPS Protected area, presumably the offices where the documents were stored.

To counter this situation into the future as the use of Geofencing/GPS Protection becomes more widespread, it is assumed that both the Authorities + Courts will need or be granted the power to order disclosure + unlocking of Geofenced/GPS Protected for matters of public interest.

The situation is similar to the current scenario where digital documents are encrypted, and the Authorities + Court's require unlocking a device +/or the encryption keys to decrypt and view the documents.

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