Key Insight ➲ Blue Ocean Strategy is good for SEO


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Key Insight ➲ Blue Ocean Strategy is good for SEO

We have discovered that after we launch Blue Ocean Strategy opportunities online they have a strong tendency to generate #1 or first page Search Results on DuckDuckGo + Google. This blog article seeks to share our perspective and showcase our results so you can gain an understanding of the tangible benefits of adopting Blue Ocean Strategy® in your own business.

James D. Ford Esq.

Founder & [iC]℠ a.k.a Outside General Counsel


🔎 Introduction ➲ A Key Insight from Behind the Scenes

🎯 Red Ocean Strategy ➲ Winner Takes All SEO Battle for the Top Search Results

🌊 Blue Ocean Strategy ➲ How does Blue Ocean Strategy impact SEO results?

1️⃣ #1 Search Results on Duck Duck Go!

⭐️ #1 Google Maps Search Result

✅ Top-Rated Sydney Law Firm

⭐️ Other Top-Ranking Blue Ocean Related Search Terms

➲ Next Steps

🤿 SEO Tips ➲ Smart List

➲ A Side Note: #ComeToTheDuckSide

🔎 Introduction ➲ A Key Insight from Behind the Scenes

As Blue Ocean Law Group identify and launch Blue Ocean Strategy opportunities online we have discovered the following key insight:

🌊 The usual requirement for a strong focus on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in order to gain any traction online which typically applies when a Red Ocean Strategy opportunity is launched online does not appear to be a major competitive factor when launching a Blue Ocean Strategy opportunity online.

What is Blue Ocean Strategy?

Blue Ocean Strategy is thinking differently to open up and "Chart New Markets". The objective is to discover Blue Ocean Strategy opportunities using non-traditional competitive factors to open up entirely new markets with no direct competition.

What Red Ocean Strategy?

Red Ocean Strategy is "Business as Usual" where the objective is to compete using traditional competitive factors to gain market share in a highly fought after mature marketplace.

Please read out FAQ: Blue Ocean Strategy to find out more.

When running test searches after launching a Blue Ocean Strategy opportunity online it has been our experience that we routinely achieve the #1 position, or if not #1, then we appear to rank on the first page of search results without needing to spend any time or money on traditional SEO services.

In order to showcase some of our #1 Search Results we have recorded a few short videos* and posted these below as well as on our YouTube Channel.

🎯 Red Ocean Strategy

Winner Takes All SEO Battle for the Top Search Results

When the focus is on "Business as Usual" incremental improvements to existing products + services for existing clients, the competition is intense, and a significant level of financial & time investment is required to implement traditional SEO strategies to directly compete on known SEO keywords in order to rank highly on search engines.

This is a Red Ocean Strategy approach!

Who wants to participate in a winner takes all SEO battle where the larger players can use their scale of operations to justify large budgets being spent in order to dominate the top Search Results?

🌊 Blue Ocean Strategy

How does Blue Ocean Strategy impact SEO results?

Where there is No Direct Competition

The assumption we currently hold is that the SEO success we currently enjoy relates to the fact that when you move away from highly contested keywords there is no direct competition for the top SEO rankings.

Our Search Results really drive home the Blue Ocean Strategy mantra:

➲ Make your competition irrelevant!

We advocate that you start to consider adding a Blue Ocean Strategy approach, taking note of your SEO results, as we have done (refer below).

Designing + Delivering Remarkable Products + Services

We understand that achieving impressive search results alone is of little consequence if the associated search terms are not used by anyone!

Our focus + effort are consequently dedicated to designing + delivering remarkable products + services that our clients will want to search for and spread the word about!

How can I create a Legal Document from my mobile phone?

The below iPhone 12 screen shoots demonstrate what we mean by "^anywhere (even from your mobile phone, if necessary)".

iPhone 12: Portrait Mode
iPhone 12: Landscape Mode

⭐️ #1 Search Results on Duck Duck Go!

❤️ Free Legal Health Check

This video showcases our recent #1 Search Result using the keywords "Free Legal Health Check" on Duck Duck Go.

🔒 Digital Safe Custody Vault

This video showcases our recent #1 Search Result using "Digital Safe Custody Vault" on Duck Duck Go.

⚖️ 1 Page NDA Designed for use in Australia

This video showcases our recent #1 Search Result using "1 Page NDA Designed for use in Australia" on Duck Duck Go.

⭐️ #1 Google Maps Search Result!

Top-Rated Sydney Law Firm

This video showcases our historical #1 Search Result using "Top-Rated Sydney Law Firm" on Google Maps.

Whilst this search term is not specifically related to a Blue Ocean Opportunity, it shows the tangible benefit of positive Google Reviews obtained from a focus on delivering value to Clients combined with a focus on key search terms that the competition was ignoring at the time.

⭐️ Other Top-Ranking Blue Ocean Opportunity Related Search Terms

By way of example, the following Blue Ocean Strategy® Opportunity related search terms are displaying Blue Ocean Law Group℠ on the first page of search results:

➲ Sydney NewLaw Firm;

➲ innovative Counsel;

➲ chatbot Counsel; and

➲ ⩴ captain Cicero (the name of our chatbot).

➲ Next Steps

We hope you will be inspired to consider how taking a Blue Ocean Strategy approach might assist your own business to stand out from the crowd.

If you would like assistance to understand what Blue Ocean Strategy Opportunities might be open to be pursued by your business please contact us or our strategic alliance partner Blue Ocean Strategy Australia to discuss further.

We invite you to try both our Legal Health Check + 1 Page NDA for free, and help us spread the word by sharing this blog article!

✅ SEO Tips ➲ Smart List

For our curated list of links + resources please refer to our SEO Tips ➲ Smart List

A Side Note: #CometotheDuckSide

We Recommend you use Duck Duck Go as your Default Search Engine

Independent Perspective

➲ Blog Article 1

To ensure you obtain an independent perspective on our recommended default Search Engine, we encourage you to search for the hashtag #ComeToTheDuckSide.

The first blog article #ComeToTheDuckSide: Dump Google and start searching with DuckDuckGo search result states the following:

Do you search using Google? Stop. They track you. It doesn’t matter if you’re logged in. It doesn’t matter if you use “Incognito Mode.”
Their search products are designed to accumulate data, and while there are ways to minimise the collection as well as the connection to your personal data, the only real way to be sure is to use a different search engine.
Unfortunately, most of them track you.
There are those who do not track, but their search results are questionable.
There are others that have have great results, but they track you.
DuckDuckGo is the only one I’ve found that combines the best of both worlds.
But it isn’t just about tracking.
They are also unbiased with their search results.
They just do search and they do it exceptionally well.

Independent Perspective

➲ Blog Article 2

The second blog article DuckDuckGo hits 30M daily searches as more people flock toward privacy includes a copy of the following tweet + statement:

"Founded in 2008, DuckDuckGo lets users search online anonymously. It doesn't collect or share your personal information, and by default, it doesn't use cookies to recognise your browser."


* Actual Search Results will vary over time.

The videos included in this article showcase "perfect" timing and use anonymous private browser settings so that factors such as paid advertisements, location and prior search history do not impact the search results.

We understand that Duck Duck Go Search Results are unbiased.


This blog article was written by James D. Ford GAICD | Principal Solicitor, Blue Ocean Law Group℠.

Important Notice:

This blog article is intended for general interest + information only.

It is not legal advice, nor should it be relied upon or used as such.

We recommend you always consult a lawyer for legal advice specifically tailored to your needs & circumstances.