What Steps can I take to help protect myself from Cyber Fraud?

Client Cyber Alert Letter

We strongly encourage all our new clients to access and step through our free online automated [Self-Service] Client Cyber Alert Letter.

This free educational process can be completed in your own time, from anywhere, even from your mobile phone (if required).

If you are interrupted for any reason, you can save your work and will be sent a link to resume the process when convenient.

For the Client Cyber Alert Letter to be effective we urge you to please complete the process before you or anyone else (on your instructions/behalf) send or receive any funds to/from our law firm.

As this is an interactive process there is an increased liklihood that you will learn more regarding what steps you can take to protect yourself from Cyber Fraud.

Completing our Client Cyber Alert Letter process will also introduce you to a free example of how our online automated Self-Service legal documents are generated.

If you have any questions, please contact our legal team for assistance.

Together we can help prevent Cyber Fraud

As part of the process we recommend you download and read the "Together we can help prevent Cyber Fraud" brochure created by the NSW Law Society and LawCover.

Blue Ocean Law Group are constantly monitoring our cyber security policies to ensure that both we and our clients remain cyber safe.

We need your help to ensure that your information and funds remain secure.


This FAQ was created by James D. Ford GAICD | Principal Solicitor, Blue Ocean Law Group℠.

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