What is the role of the Executors / Trustees?

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What is the role of the Executors/Trustees?

The executors/trustees are responsible for:

✅ Applying for Grant of Probate (a Court Order allowing the Will to be administered);

✅ Notifying the beneficiaries of their entitlements;

✅ Gathering and distributing the assets in accordance with the Will;

✅ Ensuring that the testator's debts, taxes and funeral expenses are paid;

✅ Managing any assets that are held on trust for beneficiaries pursuant to the Will until those trusts vest; and

✅ Preparing the related accounts and tax returns.

Who can be an executor/trustee?

An executor/trustee may be:

⚖️ An individual over 18 years of age;

⚖️ An appropriately licensed trustee company; or

⚖️ The Public Trustee.  

It is not uncommon for a testator to appoint a trusted professional advisor to the role:

⚖️ A Solicitor, Accountant and/or Financial Planner.


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