How to Register a Foreign Corporation with ASIC?

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What are the ASIC fees for registering a Foreign Company in Australia?

The prescribed ASIC fee for registering a foreign company in Australia is currently AUD $576 (as at April 2024).

As registration fees can vary, you should check the latest fees when completing the ASIC Registration Form 402 on the ASIC website.

Once registered your Foreign Company will be assigned an ARBN, that is, an Australian Registered Business Number.

Required Supporting Documents

A high proportion of foreign company registration applications are delayed or refused because they don’t contain the correct documentation.
You MUST ensure that all your supporting documents meet the requirements.
If any document for lodgement is not in English, you must provide a reasonable translation into English.
When you lodge Form 402, you MUST also include a:

⚖️ Current certified copy of the entity’s certificate of incorporation or registration;

⚖️ Current certified copy of the entity’s constitution;

⚖️ Memorandum of appointment of the local agent or power of attorney in favour of the local agent; and

⚖️ Memorandum stating the powers of certain directors.

Further Reading:

Detailed guidance on registering a foreign company with ASIC is available on the ASIC website: ASIC Foreign Companies Guidance.

Download the ASIC Regulatory Guide 58 for more information: ASIC Regulatory Guide 58.


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