Does cryptocurrency in Australia attract GST?

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GST + Digital Currency in Australia

Sales and purchases of Digital Currency

Trading in Digital Currency itself is not subject to GST from 1 July 2017.

This means that you do not charge GST on your sales of Digital Currency and similarly, you are not entitled to GST credits for purchases of Digital Currency.

Personal use of a Digital Currency to purchase goods and/or services in Australia does not attract GST

You do not have any GST consequences in relation to buying or selling Digital Currency, or using it as a payment, if you are not carrying on a business.

Businesses who use or accept a Digital Currency in Australia need to consider GST consequences

If you are carrying on a business in relation to Digital Currency, or as part of your existing business, or if you are accepting Digital Currency as a payment in your business, you need to consider any GST consequences that may arise.

Source: ATO Website - GST and digital currency