How to Earn (ISC2)'s 'CC' ➲ Certified in CyberSecurity Credential for Free^


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How to Earn (ISC2)'s 'CC' ➲ Certified in CyberSecurity Credential for Free^

This blog article explains how to earn (ISC)2's ➲ Certified in CyberSecurity Credential for free^ by taking full advantage of the current (ISC)2 initiative to sponsor '1 Million to be Certified in Cybersecurity' due to the massive global skills shortage in CyberSecurity. The International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, more commonly known as (ISC)2, is the world's leading member association for CyberSecurity with more than 500,000 members, candidates & associates.

James D. Ford Esq.

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1️⃣ Free 'World-Class' CyberSecurity Training

2️⃣ The 1 million Certified in CyberSecurity Initiative

3️⃣ Who are the (ISC)2 ?

4️⃣ Test your Knowledge ➲ Free CyberSecurity Basics Practice Quiz

5️⃣ CC Exam Outline

6️⃣ Exam Preparation Tips

7️⃣ 2023 CC Study Resources

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1️⃣ FREE 'World Class' CyberSecurity Training

(ISC)2: CC Banner

During the process of researching and writing a separate blog article (working title 'CyberSecurity, CyberCrime, CyberSafety & CyberWarfare ➲ Global Top-Priority Boardroom Agenda Items') for the GlobalSign blog, I stumbled across & have taken full advantage of the (ISC)2 free^ online self-study course & 2-hour exam to earn the 'CC' Certified in CyberSecurity Credential.

^ Whist gaining the credential is free, there is an annual membership fee of $50 USD and the requirement to earn 45 CPE points every 3 years.

I encourage everyone, especially everyone responsible for the protection of their client's data, to do the same.

The most significant impact on CyberSecurity can be made by encouraging everyone to upskill and increase their CyberSecuirty awareness & training.

This CyberSecurity training course (currently available for free^) has been developed by (ISC)2, the largest CyberSecurity organisation globally. The training and exam provide a valuable and well-respected entry-level CyberSecurity Credential that demonstrates your capacity & willingness to further develop into a CyberSecurity professional & leader.

By way of example, here is a link to my freshly minted CC Certified in CyberSecurity Certification.

2️⃣ The 1 Million Certified in CyberSecurity Initiative

The following explanation as to why (ISC)2 are offering the 'CC' Certified in Cybersecurity course for free has been extracted from the (ISC)2 website:

As part of our commitment to help close the cybersecurity workforce gap and diversify those working in the field, (ISC)² is offering FREE Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) Online Self-Paced Training and exams to one million people.

You can find further information here:

After you signup for the course, you have 6 months of access to the material to study for & book to sit the exam.

3️⃣ Who are the (ISC)2?

The International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, more commonly known as (ISC)2, is a non-profit organization that provides security training and certificates. Also colloquially referred to as 'the Consortium', (ISC)² was formed in 1988 by a group of security organizations looking to create a vendor-neutral, standardized certification program to validate the competency of security professionals.

(ISC)2 is best known for its 'CISSP' - Certified Information Systems Security Professional credential, the World's Premier Cybersecurity Certification.

4️⃣ Test your Knowledge ➲ Free CyberSecurity Basics Practice Quiz

5️⃣ CC Exam Outline

6️⃣ Exam Preparation Tips

Without going into any details about the exam, I believe the best way to prepare for the exam is to focus on your understanding of the CyberSecurity concepts covered in the course and how they differ from each other both on a theoretical and practical level.

I recommend you read widely to gain exposure to the study material from as many sources as possible.

Here is a LinkedIn post by Subhamoy Das which outlines his experience is studying and taking the CC exam.

7️⃣ 2023 CC Study Resources

The following list extracted from a post on the (ISC)2 community page provides a great summary of the available sources of study material:

I'm preparing for my upcoming CC exam and wanted to share the study resources I'm using:
1️⃣ (ISC)2 Website:
Official ISC2 Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) Self-Paced Training course.
➲ Pre-Course Assessment
➲ Chapters' Flash Cards (Select TEST mode)
➲ Chapters' Summary Quizzes
➲ Post-Course Assessment
(Since all of these resources allow unlimited attempts, the goal is to achieve a perfect score.)
2️⃣ Udemy:
The Complete Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) course ISC2 '23 by Thor Pedersen
3️⃣ LinkedIn:
(ISC)2 Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) Cert Prep by Mike Chapple
4️⃣ Youtube:
CC Certification: Best Practice Questions! (CC Exam Playlist) of Prabh Nair
5️⃣ Youtube:
CC & CISSP Practice Question with explanations by Luke Ahmed (StudynotesandTheory)
6️⃣ Other Related Resources:
Network+ and Security+ by Jason Dion or Professor Messer

⭐️ Bonus:
➲ 10 Things You Need To Know Right Now Before Taking The ISC2 CC Certified In Cybersecurity Exam 2023 ...
by: Cyber Mesh
➲ (ISC)2 Frequently Asked Questions

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