Defamation Dispute Resolution Pre-Lawsuit 🔥 Legal Wizard [Australia]


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Defamation Dispute Resolution Pre-Lawsuit 🔥 Legal Wizard [Australia]

Our innovative Defamation Dispute Resolution Pre-Lawsuit Wizard [Australia] includes Embedded Lawyer-Logic that will guide you to determine which related legal claims you may potentially have. If the relevant Limitation Periods have not yet expired this process will proceed to create a DRAFT of one or more relevant legal documents to assist you to commence an attempt to resolve your dispute amicably.

James D. Ford Esq.

Founder & [iC]℠ a.k.a Outside General Counsel

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Personal Defamation / Business Reputation Mitigation

In addition to your legal rights + remedies please be aware that there are also alternative actions you may take to mitigate the impact of such material when it is published online.

Public Relations + SEO

Please contact us urgently to discuss how we may best assist with a referral to enable you to take control of the narrative via positive public relations or to mitigate the damage by using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to attempt to remove the defamatory/injurious material down the search rankings so that it harder to find and is consequently viewed by less people, potentially to the point where it stops causing further damage.

takedown assistance

If applicable you will be directed to agencies who may provide assistance to take down the offensive Publication.

Intellectual Property Rights Notice

Our Defamation Dispute Resolution Legal Wizard has been designed and developed with care 👨‍💻 by James D. Ford | ⚖️ Principal Solicitor of Blue Ocean Law Group.

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