How do I eFile and access my case documents and information online incl. Court Dates in the Family Court of Australia / Federal Circuit Court of Australia / Federal Court of Australia?

The Commonwealth Courts Portal

The Commonwealth Courts Portal is an initiative of the Family Court of Australia, Federal Court of Australia and Federal Circuit Court of Australia.

It provides online services for registered litigants (you) +/or your lawyer enabling you/your lawyer to eFile/eLodge + access case documents & information incl. Court Dates.

How do I?

How do I eFile?

How do I navigate through the Commonwealth Courts Portal?

How do I register for the Commonwealth Courts Portal?

Federal Law Search

The portal also includes Federal Law Search which provides selected information on cases filed in the:

  • Federal Court of Australia; and
  • General Federal Law jurisdiction of the Federal Circuit Court of Australia.

The information is real time and includes all cases that have commenced since 1 January 1984.

As the database is continually updated, the results of a search may vary from time to time as new information is entered.

Matters where a pseudonym has been assigned to a party are not searchable in Federal Law Search.

Source: Commonwealth Courts Portal.

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